The Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

In the Heart of Brasilia, Brazil, Love is Hard to Find

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A family event brought me back to Brasilia and led me into some of the insides of living in this city which has always been an intriguing place to me. “The infra-structure is good”, tells me a young resident. “Traffic is good, there are many options of restaurants and violence in the Pilot Plan is low. But people who live here are somewhat snobbish and making friends, if you haven’t lived here for a long time, is difficult. Being in school has helped me. If you depend on meeting people only through work it is much harder.” Young male residents go further. I was puzzled to hear that, in a city in which there are so many young and single people, meeting someone from the opposite sex is a struggle: “If you can pick up a girl in Brasilia, you can pick up a girl anywhere in the world.” The perception of my interlocutors is that the longer time residents prefer to keep a distance, and being invited to someone’s home, for example, is very rare. Goiania, a city located a couple hours from Brasilia, is different, I am told. It is much more welcoming. So how does a city of almost 3,000,000 inhabitants manufacture this kind of loneliness?

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