Fiction and travel writing have also fueled my imagination: Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, contemporary travel diaries and reports in books and movies such as Motorcycle Diaries, Amyr Klink’s Between Two Poles and Isabella Bird’s letters from her late 1800’s solo travel in the Rocky Mountains. In my wildest dreams I am like the heroes in these books. In real life, my much more modest explorations are part of a busy life and often an extension to a business trip. It’s an interesting challenge, to fit a soul with big travel ambitions into weekend trips. Writing helps.

Near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

Brazil, where I grew up, was and continues to be a great source of travel inspiration for me. That is why you will see several posts describing brief incursions into different parts of this vast and mind-blowingly beautiful country.

The U.S., where I was born and now live, is equally enticing. I am enchanted by our diverse landscapes and with our National Parks, both for their beauty and for what they contribute to the American cultural fabric.

I was introduced to travel and the outdoors by my father, John Coningham, a writer and explorer himself who is most happy when he is talking about the jungles and wetlands of Brazil. Dad is a passionate student of the Brazilian flora, fauna and landscape, a hard core rebel, an independent thinker who chooses to live on his own terms every single day. I hope to have inherited at least a sparkle of his strength.

All of this is to say a little bit about why travel means so much to me and why I care to write about it. So I welcome you to my site and hope you will find something to relate to. Feel free to drop me a note!