I have always been fascinated by how human beings interact with water and make water bodies part of life. While travelling around Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon, it was amazing to observe how rivers, streams, canals, lagoons, lakes and seasonally flooded jungle are all integrated into daily living.  Around the world, people inhabit  islands and river banks, lake sides and the coast line in ways that are peculiar to the local culture and geography. In the Amazon, the circumstances unique to the region are created by the presence of a mostly — still — impenetrable rain forest, the sheer amount of water carried and collected by a massive network of rivers and their tributaries, and weather patterns that produce dramatic rainfall and changes in water levels throughout the year.

I will let the photos tell the story.

If you are Going Somewhere, Chances are you will be Going by Boat

Roads being extremely few, boats make the main means of transportation

Floating Docks Allow the Port of Manaus to Adjust to the Water Levels

Floating docs allow the Port of Manaus to adjust to the changing water levels

Floating Gas Station on the Rio Negro, Manaus, Brazil

Floating gas station on the Rio Negro, Manaus, Brazil

Near Manaus, Brazil, Celebrating on the Water

Near Manaus, Brazil, celebrating on the water

A Proud Captain, in his Merchant Navy Uniform

A proud Captain, in his Merchant Navy uniform

Local Residence, Affectionately Known as "Barbie's House"

Local residence, affectionately known as “Barbie’s House”

Petting River Dolphins near Manaus, Brazil

Petting river dolphins near Manaus, Brazil

Getting from Point A to Point B

Getting from Point A to Point B

Floating convenience store "Mercearia Rio Negro"

Floating convenience store “Mercearia Rio Negro”

And to close, a beautiful sunset. There's lots of these.

And to close, a beautiful sunset. There’s lots of these.


Beatriz Coningham

Beatriz Coningham

Why write about travel? Travel and exploration have always fascinated me. I marvel at history’s navigators and explorers who expanded the frontiers of the world and of human existence.

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