The Soul When It Travels

Beatriz Coningham

The Soul When It Travels is a poem by Ben White. Ben’s inspiration captured so well the possibilities that travel brings for another kind of exploration, which is the adventure into soul and the inner self.

The Soul When It Travels

–          For Beatriz


Sometime-circles overlap

As we spin around control

But the selves that we unwrap

Are just pieces of the whole

And we’re simple products of

The myst’ry that unravels

Parallel planes hold their love

For the soul when it travels


We don’t see we’re connected

As we stare out through our space

Where dots go undetected

By the lines that we erase

What fate reaches in to weave

Chance gracefully unravels

But we find that we believe

In the soul when it travels


In the universal mind

A secret revelation

Whispers to us as we find

There is no destination

Routine patterns fin’ly see

How tapestry unravels

Leaving us to be as free

As the soul when it travels



Beatriz Coningham

Beatriz Coningham

Why write about travel? Travel and exploration have always fascinated me. I marvel at history’s navigators and explorers who expanded the frontiers of the world and of human existence.

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