Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, West Africa, is like a mega construction site. New houses, commercial buildings and apartment blocks are rising from the ground everywhere. Activity is intense.

And still, you can walk into the quiet of a peaceful fishing community just off of the busy traffic of Route de la Corniche Quest, near the Mosque of the Divinity, about a mile south of the African Renaissance Monument.

A quiet fishing village seconds from busy Route de la Corniche Quest, Dakar

The contrasts don’t stop here. Along the Route de la Corniche Quest, with the Atlantic Ocean watching from one side, sunset brings a large number of people interested in physical activity. The vast majority are young males, building up strength to compete in boxing, a treasured even though slim opportunity to make fame and money. Nothing could be further from the low key fishing community just a few miles away…

Beatriz Coningham

Beatriz Coningham

Why write about travel? Travel and exploration have always fascinated me. I marvel at history’s navigators and explorers who expanded the frontiers of the world and of human existence.

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