An elegant hiker matches the color of her jacket to the crater lake’s -:)

We left San Salvador by about 7:15 in the morning towards the Cerro Verde National Park. The park is the home to three volcanoes. Izalco, dormant since the 1960’s, Cerro Verde, extinct, and Santa Ana, dormant since 2005. As we approached the park, gorgeous views began to unfold. 

From the road, across a sugar cane field, view of the three volcanoes that comprise the Cerro Verde National Park. Izalco, the youngest volcano of Central America at only 240 years of age approximately, is the first one on the left. Cerro Verde, extinct, can be seen in the middle. On the right, Santa Ana.

Lake Coatepeque, near the Cerro Verde National Park

Lake Coatepeque, a crater lake that can be seen from several places on the road to Santa Ana as well as from the Santa Ana crater. It is truly beautiful, surrounded by hills and volcanoes.

Beatriz Coningham

Beatriz Coningham

Why write about travel? Travel and exploration have always fascinated me. I marvel at history’s navigators and explorers who expanded the frontiers of the world and of human existence.

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